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Research Centre

Admissions to Research Centre:
  1. All admissions to the Research Center are done as per the guidelines issued by the University of Mumbai from time to time.
  2. For further details, the students should contact the concerned Heads of the Departments / Research Guide in the College.
list of recognised research guides for Ph.D.:
1. Dr. U.B. Kakde Ph.D. in Zoology (University of Mumbai)
2. Dr. M.M. Sagdeo Ph.D. in Statistics (RTM University, Nagpur)
3.Dr. M.N. Kulkarni Ph.D. in Zoology (University of Mumbai)
4.Dr. G.T. Kedar Ph.D. in Zoology (RTM University, Nagpur)
5.Dr. R.B. Kanhere Ph.D. in Economics (Babasaheb Ambedkar University, Aurangabad)
6.Dr. M.A. Joshi Ph.D. in Hindi ((University of Mumbai)
7.Dr. M.A. Siddiqui Ph.D. in Persian (University of Mumbai)
8.Dr. Md. Kaleem Zia Ph.D. in Urdu (University of Mumbai)
9.Dr. Afsar Farooqui Ph.D. in Urdu (University of Mumbai)
10.Dr. A.S. Luhar Ph.D. in Accountancy (University of Mumbai)
11.Dr. K.S. Jain Ph.D. in Commerce (University of Mumbai)