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Instructional Manual for e-Abhipraya

Welcome to e-Abhipraya Module!
The IQAC of the College has developed an 'e-Abhipraya Module' whereby the registered students for the current A.Y. can evaluate the “Teachers’ Quality” and “Syllabus Quality” in the most transparent manner. The system is safe, quick and foolproof.

Requirements for Feedback Module:
You must have “Registered E-mail Id” and Password” which you had used while seeking admission for the current year.

Procedure for Feedback:
Step – 1
Click on the “E-abhipraya Module” on the right panel of the College web-site.
Step – 2
Log-in using your “Registered E-mail ID” and “Password” which you had used while seeking admission for the current year.
Step – 3
Click “Feedback” section. (Remember you cannot temper with your admission data as they are locked in the system)
Step – 4
Click “Feedback on Teachers’ Quality” or “Feedback on Syllabus and Course Content”.
Step – 5
Click over the “Name of the Teacher” or “Title of the Subject” you want to evaluate.
Step – 6
Start evaluating your “Teacher” or “Course Contents”.

Click to Access E-Abhipraya


  1. You must be a “REGULAR STUDENT” in class.
  2. Remember that your responses are “FULLY CONFIDETIAL”.
  3. The purpose of “Feedback” is to improve “Teachers Quality” and “Course Contents”.
  4. Be honest in your responses as “Nobody can ever come to know about your responses”.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.1 Who are eligible to evaluate “Teachers’ Quality” and “Syllabus Quality”?
Only the registered students for the current year.

Q.2 Can I evaluate same teacher or subject more than once?
No, you can evaluate your teacher or a subject only once.

Q.3 I am an outsider, can I evaluate a teacher or subject?
No, a student, whose e-mail ID and Password not registered in the College, database cannot access “E-Abhipraya Module”.
Q.4 I have forgotten my “Password”
Click on the “Forgot Password” link. Your “Password” will be mailed to you at your registered e-mail ID.

Q.5 Can I see my responses after submission?
No, the “Feedback Data” are confidential in nature and cannot be accessed by anyone.

Q.6 Can I modify my responses?
No, the responses once filled in cannot be modified and therefore you should submit your responses carefully. Your teachers have been instructed to give you necessary training with respect to the same.

Q.7 What if my teachers comes to know about my responses?
The system is foolproof. Not even admin can access the responses of individual students. The system generates only consolidated reports of all students together.

Q.8 What is the objective of seeking feedback?
The IQAC supplies consolidated data on feedback to the Heads of the Departments and the Principal who is turn take necessary steps to improve “Teachers’ Quality” and “Syllabus Contents”.

If you have any Query regarding “e-Abhipraya Module”, mail at “info@ismailyusufcollege.com.

Conceived by: Dr. Khushpat S. Jain, IQAC Co-ordinator


Click to Access E-Abhipraya